Your First Kickstarter Campaign

For those who have creative ideas and need money to bring those ideas to life. Learn how to prepare for your first crowdfunding campaign with a minimal budget and get 100% funding!

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Topics Covered In The Book And Video Course

Crowdfunding Competitors

How to analyze your crowdfunding competitors and adapt their strategies for your project.

Leverage Your Network

How to leverage your existing personal and business contacts for your crowdfunding campaign.

Generate Leads

What are the different ways (free and paid) to generate potential backers before you go live.

Media and Influencer Outreach Strategy

How to spread the news about your project by reaching out to journalists and influencers.

Creating Campaign

How to create the project description, video and rewards. Everything from beginning to end.

You’re live! Now what?

How to raise 30% funding within 48 hours and smash your goal before your campaign ends.

The most up-to-date video course

This course will help you to prepare for your first Kickstarter campaign launch effectively, with a minimal budget and get 100% funded!

A very thorough and well-structured course. You will learn the fundamentals of crowdfunding, how to do a proper prelaunch, how to use different methods to generate leads, and how to maximize exposure of your Kickstarter campaign. I also enjoyed the examples throughout this course. Learning from the mistakes and successes of other creators helped me a lot! Cool stuff!

John I Nisbett

Amazing course! I actually learned about it after reading Vilius' book "Your First Kickstarter Campaign". I knew most of the things from the book, but the content of this course is even more practical. I especially enjoyed the free methods to generate leads/potential backers because I'm planning to launch a small personal project and don't want to spend a lot of money on marketing. Thanks for creating this course, Vilius!

Eleanor Miles

Incredible course if you are thinking to start your own Kickstarter campaign. There are a lot of things you can learn from Vilius and apply this knowledge before and during your crowdfunding campaign. Easy to follow and understand. Great course!

Henry Stephens

The best aspect of this course is its structure. It explains the important elements of crowdfunding from A to Z: how to build a crowd of potential backers and how to eventually turn them into real backers when the campaign is live. For anyone who is just thinking about launching the Kickstarter campaign or who is in the early stages of starting a crowdfunding project, I honestly suggest watching this course. It will help you plan and understand all the essential steps you need to know.

Ulrike Koehler

Vilius has summarized the entire process of preparing for the crowdfunding campaign and launching it on Kickstarter from A-Z in a single course. The techniques you will learn in this course will save you thousands of dollars that you would else spend on agencies or crowdfunding consultants.

Freddie Long

Without a doubt, this is the best and the latest course about preparation for the Kickstarter launch. I've previewed other courses on this topic, but they seemed a bit outdated, whereas this course is really up-to-date. Plus it gives you extremely valuable resources (tools to maximize your Kickstarter campaign). Highly recommended for anyone who is thinking about crowdfunding!

Mark R. Bennett

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What Our Readers Are Saying

The level of detail in this book is exceptional. This book stands out as it gives expert advice around the digital online preparation needed to be put in place before the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. This book is a must read for anyone in digital marketing.


Miranda Fleming

Director of Campaigns, Fanslike Agency

Vilius’ book is a great introduction to turning an idea into reality by leveraging Kickstarter. A fantastic read that shows the thought that needs to go into a campaign ahead of time to make it truly successful.


Peter Bowles

co-CEO, Dynamo PR

Vilius has summarized the entire process of launching a crowdfunding campaign from A-Z in a single book. This book will save you thousands of dollars in agency and consulting fees as it shows a clear path to success.


Evan Varsamis

CEO, Gadget Flow

About Author

A few years ago I was in the similar situation like you. I had idea, but I didn't have any knowledge about crowdfunding, so I had to learn that the hard way. Despite this my first campaign (book "How to Start a VoIP Business") was successful and I raised 243% of my initial goal. The result was AU$ 12,191 and 200 backers from 35 countries worldwide. Later I published this book in Amazon.

After this experience, I got really excited about Kickstarter. I participated in a few projects as a collaborator, which helped me to practice what I’ve learned and make sure this actually worked in other campaigns. I also interviewed more than 30 Kickstarter project creators from different fields. I wanted to learn their mistakes, tips, dos, don’ts, and key factors to success so that I could share this knowledge with you.